Vinayalaya was established in the year 1974 as formation house and study centre for Philosophy and Theology. Over the years several scholastics of all the Indian provinces have completed their priestly formation from Vinayalaya. During the tenure of Fr. Mathew Kozuppakalam, as the provincial, (on January 24, 2008) Vinayalaya was established as the provincial house for South West India Province. Besides housing the provincial administrative offices, the house now is open to accommodate about 60 persons at a time for programs or meetings.


  • Organizes all-important meetings of the Province.
  • Organizes regular courses and seminars for the benefit of MSFS, other religious or lay people.
  • Organizes retreats/ monthly recollections for religious and lay people.
Mission – Existing Ministries
  • Organizing seminars, retreats etc.
  • Administering sacraments
  • Jesus youth movement
  • Catering to the spiritual needs of Nurses in St. Martha’s Hospital
  • Pastoral assistance to parishes
  • Preaching Recollections
Vision for the Centre
  • To make the facilities available for the planned theology course for the Lay people.
  • To function as the centre for friends of St. Francis De Sales/Fransalian Mission Association.