Mermier Bhavan

Pioneering mission of MSFS in Karnataka is the Mermier Farm in Hebbagodi. Fr. Devasia Kuzhuppil bought it with the intention of establishing a mission station in the year 1968. Later on a small school was established and a year later the prestigious Suvidya College (1984). Slowly the mission took root and today the campus houses 3 schools, One PU College, 1 Degree College, 2 Parishes in two distinct rites, College of Philosophy, 1 Music academy, hostel for college students and a boarding home for poor children. A total of about 5000 students passes through the portals of our educational institutions in Mermier Nagar and a total of 20 MSFS confreres are involved in diversified ministries. Mermier Nagar has 4 MSFS religious communities and is surrounded by about 20 religious communities belonging to different congregations.

Mission / Ministries
• Education
• Parish Ministry
• Social Apostolate
• Preaching Ministry

1. SFS State Syllabus English Medium School
2. SFS Kannada Medium
3. St. Francis De Sales Public School (ICSE)
4. St. Francis De Sales P.U College
5. St. Francis De Sales Degree College
6. De Sales Music Academy

1. SFS Parish was erected in the year 1983. The parish is given permanently to MSFS. Fr. Joseph Panjakil is the first parish priest. St. Francis De Sales Parish, (Latin Rite) church blessed in August 2008 is a real architectural miracle.
2. Our Lady of Sorrows Parish (Syro Malabar Rite)
3. St. Theresa’s Church, Singasandra (Substation of SFS Church)

III. Prateeksha Boys’ Home
IV. SFS College Hostel