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St. Francis de Sales is the patron saint of the journalists and those who work in the field of mass media. Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (Fransalians), following the charism of our Patron, who said: “Knowledge is the eighth sacrament for Christians”, have been actively involved in the apostolate of journalism and communication from the very founding of the Congregation. Fransalians in India have taken it as a priority to reach out to the masses at all levels through publication of books and journals that will help the spiritual and intellectual formation. Fr. Antony Kolencherry msfs, the founder of IIS, is also the visionary behind the SFS Publications. It had a humble beginning at Vinayalaya, MSFS Theology Study house at Malleswarm. From the Founding of IIS, SFS Publications has its headquarters at the Institute in Rajajinagar. SFS Publications has a wide rage of books to its credit – books on general spirituality and on Salesian spirituality in particular. Books from SFS Publications can be ordered either by E-mail or by post. Contact address:

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1. Industrial Spirituality: An Inter-religious Perspective, Francis Xavier Joseph This book not only exposes the flaws and shortcooming of the contemporary socio-economic world orer, but suggests methods and techniques for a value-based harmonious blend of scientific knowledge, technological development and spiritual enhancement. The output is a reliable pointer to anyone who wishes to explore “new age spirituality” from an inter-religious theological perspective. (Dr. Antony Kolencherry)

2. Sneha pravaham pole (A Biography of St. Francis de Sales in Malayalam), Antony Mookethottam

3. Fr Gurien Jacquier of Ghogargaon, Camil Parkhe Fr Jacquierbaba arrived in Ghogargaon in 1896 when a severe famine threatened the very survival of the poor villagers who were already torn by the cruel caste system. In such a social scenario, it would have certainly been a great challenge to reach out to those most oppressed people of the society. This book written by Camil Parkhe will introduce Fr Jacquier to new generations. The book highlighting the history of Aurangabad diocese is an important document as it reveals the socio-economic conditions prevailing in this region prior to the pre-independence era.

4. Saint Francis de Sales – A Formative Biography, by Antony Mookenthottam It is not just another biography, but a unique, fresh informative and formative one. St. Francis de Sales is everyone’s saint who can inspire, challenge and enthuse all those who struggle to transcend themselves and become more fully human. The author invites the readers to journey with St. Francis along the path of his own formation and his ways of helping others to form themselves.

5. Recollections with St. Francis de Sales by Devasia Manalel, Antony Mookenthottam & team This book provides insghts and inspiration for meditation and recollection not only from The Intrdouctionto Devout Life, but also from the many other relevant sources. Each recollection contains: The teaching of the church, Teaching of St. Francis de Sales, Biographical note, Marian Reflection and an illustration. The book is really a help to the study of Inroduction to devout life as well as a source for growth in Salesian Spirituality.

6. Treatise on the Love of God by St. Francis de Sales (trs. Antony Mookenthottam. Fr. Armind Nazareth and Fr. Henry Kodikuthiyil) The all time spiritual classic by St. Francis de Sales. All the writings of St. Francis de Sales including the Introduction to the Devout Life, are relections of the profundity of his understanding of God’s love in various situations and circumstances of life. St. Francis de Sales indeed a genius, like the bee to which he refers so often in his writings, he took the nectar from different flowers and produced honey that was altogether his own, with its own special flavour.

7. Second Vatican Council on Dialogue by Dr. A. Pushparajan Eminent Professor (Emeritus) Dr. A. Pushparajan, a well-known Gandhian, is the author of this book. The book is an original exploration of the Coniciliar Documents, breaking the apparent dichotomy of liberation versus dialogue and integrating liberation, dialogue and inculturation into a single ‘Mission of Dialogue.’

8. Pray Always Pray Always is collection of everyday prayers for all. It is a handy prayer book and it is in hardd bound. It can be very well used in formation houses.

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