De Sales Center For Accompanied Renewal and Empowerment
DeCare is an initiative of the Missionaries of St. Francis de Sales (MSFS), South-west India province in collaberaton with St. Luke Institute Maryland, USA. It is intended to provide professional help to the priests and religious with metal health problems, personality disorders and behavioural dysfunctions. Though an unakcknoledged fact, it’s true that there are priests and relgious who experience serious problems like depression, anxiety, burnout management issues, boundary violation, alcoholism and addction to social media and internet. DeCare is a center where the priest and religious can seek professional help in such situations.This type of ministry can become effective only in an environment where privacy and confidentiality are asssured. DeCare in Sneha Jyothy MSFS Ashram campus provides such an atmosphere for people to explore themselves and experience healing. DeCare has its branch in SFS Vidyashram campus, Aluva, which is a consultaion and counseling center without residential facility.

Philosophy of the Program
The name DeCARE (DeSales Center for Accompanied Renewal and Empowerment) itself reveals the philosophy of the program. While addressing such disorders and problems, DeCare envisages working towards the more basic dimensions of psychosexual integration and affective maturity of the clergy and religious. Towards such an end, it is our aim to adopt a holistic and integrated approach to mental health and spirituality for the clergy and religious and those in formation to priesthood and religious life. No effort will be spared in ensuring an atmosphere of gospel compassion, a non-judgmental atmosphere and a safe environment where healing and growth can happen. Under such an atmosphere personal growth and spiritual renewal will automatically take place. Psychologically sound spiritual care is what DeCare wants to assure.

Structure of the Program
The treatment has both outpatient and residential program. Within the residential program there is residential treatment program and sabatical program. The outpatients come with prior appointment and would have only day program. Day program will be in both centers in Aluva and Makkiyad. In-patients are admitted after proper assessment, and the duration of each one’s stay would depend on each individual’s need and situation. The program provides assitance to the seminarians by way of evaluation of the candidates for priesthood at various stages of their formation, and timely guidance to those seminarians who are experiencing crisis and challenges in their vocation.