Charis Bhavan

One of the primary objects in founding the Congregation of the MSFS was preaching missions to revive the slackened faith of the people. In India as charismatic movement began to influence the faith of the people some of the MSFS priests got involved in. Rev. Fr. James Manjackal was one of the pioneers of Charismatic Movement in Kerala. He is one of the best preachers Kerala has ever seen. CHARIS BHAVAN reflects the untiring efforts of Fr. James Manjackal for an MSFS prayer house for the laity in Kerala. Fr. Devasia Kuzhupil donated a plot of land for this purpose, from his patrimony. Thus in 1989 the retreat house was established in Athirampuzha in Kottayam. Frs. Devasia Kuzhuppil and James Manjackal are the founders of this movement that transforms the lives of people in Kerala since a decade and half. Constituted into a formed community in August 2010

• Regular Programmes
• School of evangelization (monthly )
• Widows gathering (last day of the month)
• Couples gathering (last Sunday of the month)
• Intercessory prayer group gathering (second Friday)
• Bible Kalary for children (second Saturday)
• Half day convention (Third Sunday)
• Core group gathering (first Sunday)
• One day Convention (every Saturday)
• Night Vigil (every first Thursday)
• Divine Mercy (every third Friday):

Out Reach Ministries
• Parish renewal retreats
• Conventions
• Schools / college retreats
• Retreats for the nurses

Counseling and Confessions
Family counseling :
School / college counseling:

Hospital counseling:

Done in the centre
St. Aloysius Higher Secondary School, Athirampuzha
Holy Croos High School, Thellakom
Little Lourdes Hospital, Kidangoor
Medical Centre, Kottayam
Regular Confession possibilities at the centre
Charitable works
• Education Aid
• Marriage Fund
• Building Houses
• Medical Aid

Charis Jyothi: A monthly publication from Charis Suvartha Society
First issue: August 1991- Approved as magazine by the registrar of the news papers for India: September 1993

Charis Niketan (Home for the Senior Citizens and Retired Missionaries)
Started 16, March 2002 as Jubilee Memoral of Fr. Kuzhuppil D.
Founder and Director: Fr. Kuzhuppil Devasia
Inmates: 42
Maintenance through “Feed a day program” and other benefactors

Charis Marian Maids of the Society for Apostolic Life
Founded in:
Present Director:
Approved as a society for
apostolic life:
Fr. James Manjackal as a society for singles known as Charis Marian Maids
Dec. 8, 1995
Fr. O.V. Zacharias

March 19, 2005 by the Bishop of Vijayapuram
Three houses and 12 Members
VISION: Re evangelization of the evangelized. Continue to be God’s Light among the people of Kerala to rebuild the families in Christian faith and love for neighbor.

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