MSFS House Vattiyoorkavu

MSFS Community and St. Francis De Sales Church is our ministry in the Syro Malabar Archdiocese of Changanacherry. The parish is entrusted to the care of MSFS in perpetuity. The pioneer was Fr. Jose Vettukattil. There are 62 families in the Parish. The parish was entrusted to us in 1994. The church was built by the MSFS with the help of the Parishioners in 2003, during the tenure of Fr. Saju villachira. So also the Parish Hall. We have built a large house as a community house. We plan to start some programs or make use of the facilities, which will help us to generate some funds for the maintenance of the community. There is a community with confreres engaged in various ministries.

• Besides the regular parish work we are involved in
• Youth ministry, K.C.Y.M
• Mother’s association
• Vincent de Paul
• B.C.C. (unit prayer)
• CML, Pithurvedi, Small Charismatic groups etc.

We envisage this to be a centre that will be used for bringing together people for pastoral animation and lay leadership trainings.

This is a new initiative in the province by Fr Jose Karekatt as part of the innovative ministries of the province towards the education and preparation of the children from economically unsound families but intellectually gifted to take on the responsibility of leading and serving the society and the Nation through civil services and other public services. The new office was blessed and inaugurated on 22 January 2013.

To identify intellectually bright students and helping them do their studies with a focus on the service of the society and nation.

To provide assistance to poor families which find difficulty to educate their bright children. To prepare and motivate them to enter into the civil and public service areas which are highly competitive and expensive. At the moment there are 10 children.

Creation of a just, welfare and non corruptible society and better service through value based, motivated , educated and well trained persons in the system of governance and public of the state and nation. This programme aims to be also a new method of Evangelization and proclamation of Jesus and the Gospel.

We want to enable these children to live and announce Jesus and the Gospel values.