Sales Bhavan, Adoor

St. John of the Cross Church Adoor, belonging to the diocese of Punaloor is entrusted to MSFS permanently. Adoor is an old parish of Quilion Diocese and was started by Belgian Carmelite Missionaries in 1918. The present Church was built in 1940. Lourde Matha Church, Churakode is the substation and there are 155 families in the parish. The first Parish priest is Fr. Thomas Kappukatt. (1985) The Community house has been built by Fr. Thomas Kappukatt way back in 1988.

Besides the pastoral activities the parish is active with various pious societies and social action. The parish is involved in
Youth ministry
Little Way(Children)
Vincent de Paul
B.C.C (Unit Prayer)
Candle making
Spoken English Class
Music Class

All round development of this economically backward area.