Prateeksha Homes

Formerly known as SFS boarding homes and later renamed, as prateeksha is the most traditional of the ministries of the MSFS. Prateeksha as explained in its original Sanskrit give its meaning as hope in English. The term denotes in SUPPORTIVE EDUCATIONAL INITIATIVE project component an attempt to give hope to children who do not have chances in their life either because they are poor or because they don’t have a chance in life. This is one of the oldest of our innovative ministry efforts and the province runs it with the help of all our registered charitable organizations through homes for children all over Karnataka and certain parts of Kerala for the benefit of poor rural and urban children. Establishment of homes for orphans, semi-orphans and poor rural children was always a priority of the province and there are many children who have gone through the portals of the Prateeksha homes during the past 18 years. Hitherto there are 5 such homes established. They are as follows: –

Name No. Of Beneficiaries
SFS Boys Home Electronics city 45 children
SFS Boys Home Chintamani 8 children
SFS Boys Home Kadisenahalli 10 children
SFS Boys Home Gokunte 16 children
SFS Boys Home Ulickal 13 children
A new home in Electronics city was completed in June 2006. This has the capacity to accommodate about 60 children. A new Home for the children in Ulickal is completed in the year 2009 and kadisenahalli in 2009. A new home for the children is proposed in Mundargi in Gadag district for about 30 children.

Prateeksha Boys Home Electronics City
The Station was established in early 8os but the home was started in the year 1991 by Dr. Mathew Kozhppakalam. A new home was built for the boys in the year 2006 with the assistance from Augustinians in Klosterneuburg. Now there are facilities for accommodating about 60 children. Fr. Timson Parakkottu is the present Director of the Prateeksha Home in Electronics City.

Chintamani – Prateeksha Home
The mission station was established in 1977 with erection of St. Joseph’s Church. Later SFS Schools started. At the time of starting the school a boarding was also started under the title, ‘SFS Boy’s Home’ by Rev. Fr. Joseph Pazhayatil with intention of providing free lodging and education for 20 children. It was not continuous and was revived again under Fr. E.Raja and was placed under the care of FIDESIndia and renamed as the ‘Prateeksha Home’ in 2008. At present Fr. Jojo Kolorickal is the Director. . There are 4 boys today in the boarding but the boarding consists of dormitory, study hall and other facilities capable of handling 20 children. There are 170 Catholics today with Fr. Sebastian Kulangarathottiyil as the Parish Priest and Fr. Jojo Kolorickal as the Assistant.

Kadesenahalli – Prateeksha Home
In kadasenahalli a boarding was started in 1987 by Fr. Elanjipuram. Kadasenahalli became a parish in 1989 as St.Anthony’s Parish. The Boarding got its full pledged facilities in 2009 with the sponsorship by the Augustinian monastery, Kliosternberg-Austria and the boarding was renamed as Prateeksha Home on Feb.18, 2009. At present the Director is Fr. James and there are 10 inmates. The centre has spacious bedrooms, study halls, recreation halls, along with teacher quarters and the presbytery attached so that they are regularly monitored for the progress. Facilities are provided for the supervised study of the village children in the evening. For the continuity of the centre benefactors are provided and centre must now use its facilities properly and to the satisfactory level as there is capacity for 40 inmates with adequate facilities. The future plans are to provide computer facilities and tuition classes.

Gokunte – Prateeksha Home
A boarding was started in this centre in the year 1990 by Fr. Jose Puthiaparmbil under the title, ‘SFS Boy’s Home.’ Later Fr. James looked after it for 9 years and now Fr. C. Joseph for almost 5 years who is also the present director. It was renamed as Prateeksha Home in 2008 and there are 16 inmates on the regular basis. Gokunte as parish was established in 1928 as ‘St. Francis Xavier Church’ and was entrusted the MSFS in 1970. Under Fr. C.Joseph the boarding has revived with the help and donation by Ms. Judy Waradale an Australian. Its continuity and maintenance is assured with the sponsorship as of now. Earlier SFS schools used to contribute Rs.30000/- together as a quarterly installment. Undertakings are still on to make the Prateeksha Home as a centre with family atmosphere and to equip the centre with facilities feasible for better education in the village. The boarders go to St.Ann’s School managed by SAB Sisters.

Prateeksha Boy’s Home, ULIKKAL
This boy’s home was started on 1st of June 2004 by Rev Fr Varghese Puthuparampil, with five children. This home has given place for 45 children so far. The present Director Fr Anil Thondampallil took charge as director in 2006. New building of the boy’s home was inaugurated in 2008. At present the home has 13 children. The home consists of semi orphans and children from the poor families. Recruitment is strictly based on interview and the mark obtained in the annual examination. Fr. KV Joseph is the present Director.