Snehajyothi, Makkiyad

Purchase of 23.5 acres of land was done in the year 2009. The land was acquired with the intention of strengthening our preaching ministry in Northern Kerala and to expand our counseling and retreat services. From the year 2010 we have our novitiate in snehajyothi ashram.

1. Snehajyothi: MSFS Novitiate:
• Snehajyothi: Counseling cum Retreat center
• Contemplative retreat
• Ashram Experience
• Group Retreat
• Other courses still in planning

2. Farming and cultivation: 23. 5 acres of Land
• Cultivation of Coffee
• Pepper
• Areacanut
• Plantain
• Small diary

Expand the centre to make it a place for guided retreats for families / corporate groups