The joy of our vocation and mission is the gift we want to share with you.
You can be a partner in the spirit and work of our missionaries in many ways.

Here we share with you a few of them:

Request for prayers
Let us have your name, address, e-mail with your request for prayer.

Mass Intentions
You can send Mass Intentions with the details for whom you want the Mass Intention.

Support a Seminarian
We have many young men especially in Africa and Asia who are undergoing formation to be missionaries in today’s world.

For a noble cause
You can help us defray their cost of studies and formation by making a contribution. Perhaps God has blessed you with much that you would like to share with people who can use it for a noble cause that you have cherished in your life.

Partnership with Fransalians
You have now a partner in the Fransalians to make your dream come true. If there is any other way we can build our partnership, feel free to let us know.