FIDESIndia (Fransalian Initiatives for Developmental & Educational Services in India) SOCIETY is an expression of the commitment of an organization whose motive is the development of the human person and of the society, particularly of the poor and needy children in the rural villages and urban slums of Karnataka and Kerala. FIDESIndia was founded in September 2003 by the southwest provinces of the Fransalians in India. Dr. Mathew Kozhuppakalam MSFS and Fr. Shibu Jacob MSFS were the pioneers in the venture. As the service agency of the South-West Province of MSFS, FIDESIndia coordinates the socio-pastoral undertakings of the province. From the very beginning the congregation was engaged in the field of education. Education became one of the distinct and independent characteristics of the society. FIDESIndia worked with the concept of SUPPORTIVE EDUCATION and tried to realize the dream through various projects meant for communities and individuals. Its existence of the past few years was an enterprise of learning. We have been working in the states of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, and have supported hundreds of children and families from poor communities in addressing the causes of their poverty and inequality.

1. Supportive Educational Initiatives
Sunshine/Kiran: Financial assistance to poor students and support to drop outs Gurukula: Free tuition centers and personality development programs for urban and rural children Prateeksha: Boys Homes for poor children NEST (Nurturing and Educating for Social Transformation): A village for orphan, semi orphan and gifted but poor children Colour Fest/Rangoli: Talent Enhancement and Value Education programme for rural schools Spoorthy: A Resource and documentation centre for Education and Awareness

2. Integral Rural Development Initiatives (IRDI)
Self Help Groups Federations of SHGs Trainings on SHG Concept, Book Writing, Health and Nutrition, Medicinal Plants, Leadership, Income Generation and Bank Linkage Agriculture Based Programmes Animal Husbandry Awareness Programmes for urban and rural women Legal-aid Programmes Health Camps/ Pro life Programmes Training of Grass root level workers/activists

Eco-awareness Initiatives
Eco-watch: An attempt to instill concern for creation in the minds of the youth as they determine the course of action for the morrow Training Programme for interested groups Plastic-free zones Planting of trees

Other Activities
Balasangama Women’s Day Federation Representatives Training

3. Natural Calamities – Rehabilitation Initiatives (NCRI)
A team ready to handle the situation as and when the need arises

4. Research and Development Initiatives

Future Vision:
FIDESIndia Society is capacitating itself to become an organization that would exclusively work for ‘Child Rights’ and development of marginalized children

NEST (Nurturing and Educating for Social Transformation): VILLAGE FOR CHILDREN
NEST (Nurturing and Educating for Social Transformation) is a project of FIDESIndia Society. It is a children’s village for orphaned and abandoned children. It is a home away from home providing an alternative family for children who have fallen out of the NEST of their natural families. The NEST Home is situated in Kumbalgodu, Kengeri about 30 kilometers away from Bangalore on the Bangalore- Mysore Road. The first NEST home was started in June 2005 with 6 children in a rented building in Maligondanahalli a village 5 KM away from Mysore Road, near big banyan tree. Fr. Mathew along with Fr. Shibu and Sr. Rosamma (belonging to secular institute of Ancillae) pioneered the project.

In September 2006 we shifted to a new temporary NEST home building in the present campus of NEST with 13 children. On 9th.July 2008 we shifted to the newly constructed homes for children. At present there are 50 children.

NEST was raised to the status of a community on 17th June 2012 with a superior and the members for functional purposes. At the moment it is the NEST community that manages the affairs of FIDESIndia Society

Target groups:
• Orphans
• Semi orphans and single parent children in risky situations
• Talented children from low income families from rural areas and slums

To effectively work towards providing a facilitative environment for the growth and development of orphaned and destitute children and to work towards their integration in the main stream of society by providing shelter, food, clothing, education and accommodating them in the home with a foster mother or parents who will provide them a sense of security and affection

Future Vision
• Complete the infrastructure of the project as per the original plan
• Establish the project into one that works for child rights.

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