Vinayakumar Ashram

In 1962, realizing the poor financial situation of the region, Fr. Devasia Kuzhuppil the then regional superior bought 60 acres of land from Sipayipetty estate. The money required (Rs. 64,000) was given as a loan by Fr. Superior General and was condoned later on. The estate was named Vinayakumar (St. Francis De Sales) Ashram. It has taken several years and many confreres have given their sweat and blood to make the estate in the present shape. Fr. Joseph Panjackil was the first manager. The capital value of the estate is very high today.
Total Area: 72 acres (6 acres at Thelpara )

• Agriculture: Rubber, Coconut, Nutmug, Arecanut, Pepper, Plantain, Honey etc.
• Pastoral activities: St George Parish, T.K. Colony
• Helping in the near by parishes
• Managing L. P. school & nursery
• Social activities

Several Plans were discussed in the last provincial chapter regarding the status of Vinayakumar estate. There were even suggestions to sell the land and invest in something else. Majority of the confreres feel that we must keep the estate as it is a legacy inherited from the past and it has got a lot to do with our mission.