General Curia

Rev. Fr. Abraham Vettuvelil, Superior General (2013- )
Date of Birth 16/04/1961
Place of Birth Vazhoor, Kerala, India
First Profession 1979, Salesianum, Vizag
Perpetual Profession 1989, Vinayalaya, Bangalore
Date of Priestly Ordination May 1, 1990 Holy Cross Church, Elangoi
Rev. Fr. Yves Carron, Assistant Superior General
Date of Birth 8/9/1966
Place of Birth Martigny, Valais, Switzerland
First Profession 05/09/1987
Perpetual Profession 28/08/1991
Date of Priestly Ordination 19/06/1993
Rev. Fr. Johnson Kallidukil, General Secretary for Mission
Date of Birth 31/5/1966, Kerala, India
First Profession 15/12/1985
Perpetual Profession 8/12/1992
Priestly Ordination 21/4/1994
Rev. Fr. Baviri Suresh Babu, General Secretary for Formation
Date of Birth 22/3/1972, Rajahmundry
First Profession 10/6/1992
Perpetual Profession 24/1/1998
Priestly Ordination 5/5/2000
Rev. Fr. Jacob Karamakuzhyil, General Secretary for Education
Date of Birth 20/3/1962, Kerala, India
First Profession 03/06/1987
Perpetual Profession -
Priestly Ordination 13/5/1996
Rev. Fr. Stepehn J., General Secretary for Social Apostolates and Innovative Ministries
Date of Birth 9/2/1972, Settiapatti, Pukkottai
First Profession 10/6/1991
Perpetual Profession 10/06/1997
Priestly Ordination 14/4/1999
Rev. Fr. Jose Cheriyanthara, General Bursar
Date of Birth 2/10/1958, Kerala, India
First Profession 04/05/1972
Perpetual Profession 23/1/1976
Priestly Ordination 14/08/1976