Upcoming Programs

  • June 3
    Visitation to the MSFS Community, Karahalli

  • June 5
    Inauguration of the Academic Year at Tejas – Holy Mass

  • June 6
    Meeting of the Community of Augsburg, Germany

  • June 7
    Meeting of the Community of Adelaide, Australia

  • June 9
    Visitation to the Community of IIS, meeting with the Postulants

  • June 11
    Visitation to the Community of Vinayalaya

  • June 13
    Council Meeting

  • June 15
    Visitation to the Community of PSI Sevagram, Kengeri

  • June 16
    Visitation to Tumkur to meet with Fr Saji Eanthanamkuzhy

  • June 18-19
    Visitation to Tejas

  • June 19-20
    Visitation to NEST

  • June 23
    Apostolic Community Meeting of Bangalore North

  • June 28
    Meeting of the Muenster Community, Germany

To be men of deep faith sustained by thedaily experience of communion with God and realisation of God's presence in ourlife, in the community and in the events of history
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To fulfil radically the mandate to proclaim Christ crucified to all humans especially to the poor, the oppressed and the marginalized

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Living the Spirit and Spirituality of St. Francis de Sales in our Mission is our Charism. It unfolds by the Study of St. Francis de Sales, Imitation of his virtues and forming our method...
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  • MSFS Southwest India Province

  • MSFS Southwest India Province

  • MSFS Southwest India Province

  • MSFS Southwest India Province

  • MSFS Southwest India Province

  • MSFS Southwest India Province

  • MSFS Southwest India Province

  • MSFS Southwest India Province


St. Francis de Sales

Charity has no limit; for the Love of God has been poured into our hearts...


Our Lady of Sorrows

Our Lady of Sorrows (Compassion) is our patroness and our Founder...


Fr. Peter Marie Mermier

Fr. Peter Marie Mermier, our Founder, was born on 28th August 1790 in Savoy...

Provincial Curia

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Latest MSFS News

    My dear Confreres, as we are well aware, the second wave of Covid-19 had been deadly, to say the least, especially in India. Many of our Confreres are also badly affected by it. As I request you to be very careful that none of us may contract this sickness, I also earnestly request you to pray for all those who are affected by this deadly virus. Let us specially remember and pray for all the health workers, Read More

  • Covid Warriors – Committed and Fearless
    My dear Confreres, I am very happy to let you know that eight of our Deacons are engaged in the ministry of the Covid warriors. They do services at St Martha’s Hospital, St Philomina’s Hospital and St Joseph’s College, which is a Covid ward. Their residence is arranged at St Camillian’s House, near Dharmaram College. Read More

  • Accommodation for Forty Needy Children at SFS CBSE School, Kengeri
    Children are the ones who get easily affected by the pandemic, not only because they are affected by it, but also because they become orphaned/semi-orphaned as their parents succumb to the pandemic. Read More

  • Providing Food for the Needy
    At the request of St John’s Medical College, we are providing lunch for Hundred people every day. The people who are served are the relatives of the Covid-patients who are admitted to St John’s Medical College. These people are identified to be very poor and are in need of our help. Read More

  • Mobile Ambulance Services
    We have set apart two of our vehicles as mobile clinics to rush the affected people to the hospitals and to the nearby healthcare centers. These mobile clinics are completely equipped with Beds, Oxygen Cylinders, Wheel Chairs and Stretchers. The mobile clinics are in full operation and many are benefitting through them. Read More

  • Supply of PPE Kits
    As per the requests of various volunteers and health workers who are associated with the Archdiocese of Bangalore and the Diocese of Mandya we have already supplied freely Three Hundred PPE Kits. There is a demand for more supply and we are working on it. All these PPE Kits are stitched in our Garment Mill at Karahalli. Read More

  • MDO of the SOUTH-WEST INDIA PROVINCE at the Service of the Covid-Stricken People
    At the surging of the second wave of Covid, Vikasjyothi, the MDO of the South-West India Province is in brisk action to support those affected badly by this pandemic. Through the efficient and innovative commitment of Rev. Fr Thomas Cherukat, the Director of our MDO, a full-scale plan is charted with the approval of the Provincial Administration to support Twenty MSFS Parishes in India belonging to our Province. Read More

    De Sales Academy for Talent Assistance (DATA), initiated by the Province to provide quality training in foreign languages as well as professional development programs, has within such a short span of its existence made long strides in becoming one of the premier institutes in India in this category. Even in the midst of such adversities caused by the pandemic, Read More