Latest MSFS News

The newly installed provincial Rev. Fr. Benny Koottanal MSFS has convoked Provincial Chapter from April 29 to May 04, 2019 at Vinayalaya, MSFS Provincial House, Bengaluru.

After having consulted the members of South-West India Province Rev. Fr. Abraham the Superior General of MSFS Congregation has appointed Rev. Fr. Benny Koottanal for a second term as the Provincial of South-West India Province. The installation would take place at Vinayalaya, MSFS Provincial House, Bengaluru on 24th January 2019.

Fr. Provincial will be flying to Germany on 26th October 2018 to visit the confreres working in GAH and will return on 15th October 2018.
The following three of the forum meetings are postponed due to the flood catastrophe in Kerala and Karnataka. The new dates are:
• October 9 – Mission Forum Meeting (in Charis Bhavan /SFS Seminary Ettumanoor) for those in Kerala
• October 12 – Education Forum Meeting in Vinayalaya
• December 5– Social & Innovative Forum Meeting in Vinayalaya
• December 6 – Mission Forum Meeting in Vinayalaya for those in Karnataka

Rev. Fr. Provincial will be on his official visit to confreres working in Australia from 25th July to 02nd August 2018.

1) Chad-Cameroon Mission is raised to the status of Delegation. Rev. Fr. Manoj Arackal MSFS who was the mission superior until now is elected the first Delegation Superior.
2) Rev. Fr. Jose Kumblolickal MSFS is elected the new Delegation Superior of Philippines Delegation.
3) Rev. Fr. Provincial Benny Koottanal, is on his official visit to Philippines from 1st June to 10th June 2018.

My dear Confreres, I am very happy to inform you that the Superior General, at the request of the Provincial administration, has decreed to raise Chad-Cameroon Mission into a DELEGATION with all the constitutional rights and responsibilities. The delegation will officially come into existence, as decreed by the Superior General, on the day the Delegation Superior assumes office. I shall now begin with the process of the election of the Delegation Superior.

Chad-Cameroon Mission is on a constant growth through the hard work and commitment of our missionaries. It is only natural, given the wonderful missionary dynamism shown by our Confreres and the consequent growth the mission has made in terms of parishes, schools, formation houses and Boys’ Homes, that the members of the mission unanimously suggested and the authorities decided to elevate the mission into a Delegation. The mission has a steady number of vocations and from 2020 onwards we would have regular local ordinations for the Chad-Cameroon Delegation. I congratulate Fr. Manoj Arackal, the Mission Superior and all our Confreres for their total commitment waving of the fears of sickness and poverty and above all unnecessary criticisms and discouraging comments of the onlookers. May God continue to bless Chad-Cameroon Delegation.